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Microblading uses the most advanced techniques to apply pigment into the skin using tiny micro needles that can create the look of a real hair strand. The needle flows in the same direction as the hair growth, forming a wonderful natural looking eyebrow. This technique of ‘Hairstroke” is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing.

Ombre / Soft Powder Eyebrow

The Ombre/Soft powder brow is a nice powdery finish that looks like you’ve just filled your brows in with eyeshadow (hence the name). Using a digital cosmetic tattoo machine, hundreds of tiny dots of pigment are implanted into the skin which resembles a soft powder finish. Once healed, the results look like you’ve just powdered your brows in PERFECTLY. Pigments are now used with a vast selection of beautifully natural colours designed JUST for brows, from the lightest blonde to the darkest brown.

Hybrid Eyebrow

Hybrid brow is a mixture of microblading and soft powder. Great for people with no hair at all, as the microblading creates real looking hairstrokes, while the powder gives a shadow, that makes the eyebrow even more realistic.

Our Specialists make sure that all brows are customised specifically for each client based on their desired look, skin type, colouring and bone structure.

Individual Prices Starting from- £200