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Price from : £85

You should be given a patch test 48 hours prior to having a treatment to minimise any risk of reactions.

What Are Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian Volume is the next step from our SVS treatment, and our fullest lash look yet. This semi-permanent lash treatment uses advanced techniques to create a high impact, dramatic lash look.

Global Volume Artist will create fans of up to 8 lashes to apply onto one of your natural eyelashes, the perfect treatment if you are wanting to add depth and serious volume to your lashes. The beauty of this technique is it can be completely customised for you to achieve your desired volume and because our lash extensions are lightweight, your lash artist can apply more lashes to each natural lash without weighing them down.

How Long Does A Russian Volume Treatment Take?

Russian Volume lashes take from 90 minutes by a qualified lash artist, depending on your desired volume.


How Long Do Russian Volume Lash Extensions Last?

With immediate results, Russian Volume lashes can last up to 8 weeks but with regular infills every 2-3 weeks they can last longer.


How Do Russian Volume Lash Extensions Work?

Russian Volume uses an advanced fanning technique to bond multiple lash extensions together creating a variety of 2D-8D fans. This means, depending on your desired lash look, you can have fans of 2-8 lash extensions applied on to 1 of your natural eyelashes. This technique is designed to create volume and density with a strong linear definition, so you won’t be needing strip lashes or eyeliner. Our lash extensions are lightweight so you can still achieve full volume without weighing down your natural eyelashes, but if you are wanting something a little fluffier or wispier, try our SVS treatment.


What To Expect During An Russian Volume Treatment