Aura Tan & Beauty

Massage And Body Treatments

Body Scrubs and Body Wraps

This course covers using the gentle massaging action of a dry natural sisal brush, stimulating the circulation and lymphatic system, thereby helping to eliminate toxins from the client’s body. This elimination process helps the body become more effective, improves blood circulation and enhances the immune system, improves the appearance of cellulite and reduces water retention leaving the skin firmer and smoother. Dry Body brushing is often done in spas as part of detoxification and slimming treatments.

​The treatment continues with a full body scrub using gentle exfoliation cream. We then apply a full body AHAVA Mud Mask. All removed with hot towles and flannels.

Commercially, this treatment can be an important addition to a therapist’s skills as you can carry out other small treatments can be given while the client relaxes in the wrap. i.e foot massage or even a facial treatment. This training course has been designed to suit salons/treatment rooms where no shower facility is available. They are easy to use and very popular with clients. No prior qualifications are required and this workshop is suitable for complete beginners.