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Aroma Reflex Therapy Massage

This wonderful modality combines the use of essential oils (Aromatherapy) and Reflexology.
This course allows you to blend and follow a set protocol for common conditions that we see as Reflexologists. You will be able to reference several conditions and follow the blending procedure with the exact amount of drops into a carrier balm that I will recommend.

In addition to this practise I wanted to share with you some 5 Element Theory principles from Chinese Medicine, I have also included the Chakra system from Ayurvedic Medicine practice as it enhances using energy healing to help balance and create wellness in the body.

The other factor that I simply had to include is the use of Gua Sha tools, a technique I have been using for years and want to share with Reflexologists to offer a tool to use to prevent injury and give added dimension to your practice. I hope you enjoy working with this beautiful tool. I have selected carnelian for this course, but you can use other stones and materials to achieve the same effects.