Skin Care





After a thorough consultation, our therapists will tailor-make a facial especially to meet your skin’s requirements.We can create a treatment regime, specifically for your needs, to give you the ultimate in personalised skin care.

Medicated Clearing Treatment £60.00
This treatment is the ultimate in acne management. This targets current blemishes while helping to prevent future breakout activity. Medicated clearing treatment will purify your skin with deep cleansing techniques, extraction and use of powerful acne fighting ingredients. A course of 3 is highly recommended to achieve optimum results.

Men’s Skin Treatment £50.00
We’ll start your treatment with a deep steam cleanse, followed by a smoothing exfoliation and extractions. We’ll also help release tension with a hand, foot or shoulder massage while your skin re-hydrates with a customised treatment masque.

Dermalogica Express Facial £40.00
A treatment which achieves maximum results in a minimum time, with a perfect blend of power cleansing, a customised mask, toning and moisturising for People on the go!

Diamond Peel Dermabrasion
Flawless skin used to be a privilege reserved for the rich and famous, but not anymore. Diamond peel Dermabrasion is changing the skin of beauty. Using hundreds of tiny diamonds, this gentle treatment removes layers of dead skin cells from all areas of your body. Elastin and collagen fibres are stimulated by a controlled suction method to encourage cellular renewal, resulting in visibly smoother, softer, firmer, and more radiantly youthful skin ever after just one treatment. However, a course of treatments is highly recommended to achieve maximum results.

Excellent for fine lines including areas around the eyes, sun damaged, uneven & thickened skin, pigmentation, acne scarring, enlarged pores, dull skin and congested skin.

– Mini Skin Smoothie (30mins) £45.00
– Super Skin Smoothie £65.00
– Course of 5 (55.00) £300..00